Furnace Soot Blower

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Furnace Soot Blower

Compact construction

The sootblower is directly mounted onto wall box of boiler without anyspecial supports. If the space is restricted or connection with steam pipe isdifficult, the sootblower may be turned through 90° to install.

Easy to maintain

The valve,feed tube, screw tube with nozzle head and transmissioncomponents can be removed from sootblower without dismounting it fromthe boiler wall.

Minimized spare parts stock

V04 uses the same valve as Clyde Bergemann's other sootblowers, Overallparts stock requirements can be minimized.

Choice of wall boxes

Positive pressure,negative pressure and sound-proof wall box are availableto selection for customer.

Manual operation

In event of power failure, the nozzle can be withdrawn from furnace byturning the rear shaft of electric motor with the crank handle.

Perfect protection

Protection plates are fitted to the top and sides. It is dust-proof and can beeasily removed for maintenance.

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