Gas/Oil Boilers

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Gas/Oil Boilers
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This series consist of high efficiency steam boilers for every application, in various designs with energy saving system and fully automatic operation without need to constant supervise.
These boilers are three pass, wet-back design principle. The water content can be quickly transformed into steam. Our boilers always have sufficient steam reserve, even during sudden peak demand period. Using gas, oil or dual fuel burner, the flame intensity is matched virtually instantly to the steam consumption, taking into account the fuel characteristic.
Another positive factor is that a large furnace tube effectively reduces the NOx emission.

can cope easily with peak and low demand periods for steam. Output per boiler up to 35 ton/hr. Operating pressure up to 24 bars.

The boilers can produce saturated steam and superheated steam as required by local heat, district heat and process heat, from the individual boiler to large boiler plant, including feed water treatment system, feed water storage and deaerator, with heat recovery assembly, with noise suppression, with special components. Upon request, we can also show you operation reference installations.

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