Wind turbine

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Wind turbine
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1. Performance Parameters

1.1Technical Parameters

Rotor diameter (m)


Blade material & Qty.

FRP *3

Rated power (kW)


Rated wind speed(m/s)


Rated rotating speed(r/min)


Generator model

3-phase PMG

Working wind speed (m/s)


Start-up wind speed (m/s)


Survival wind speed(m/s)


Rated voltage(VDC)


Speed regulation method


Wind answering method

Up wind

Stop method

Auto brake

Gale protection

Smart control+unattended

weight (kg)


Noise level (dB)


Tower height (m)


Tower model

Tilt-up tower

Working temperature


1.2 Power Curve

* Below result was tested by Intertek in test farm according to IEC61400-2, the max output power was limited from 12kW to 10kW according to requirements of grid company.

2. Estimated Annual Electricity Production

* Below result was tested by Intertek in test farm according to IEC61400-2

3. Differentiated Innovation

3.1 30% More Annual Average Power Production

3.1.1 World-leading Centrifugal Pitch-controlled Technology

AH-10kW is new generation mechanical centrifugal pitch-controlled wind turbine which is integrated with pitch regulation,yawing, electromagnetic brake , pitch-controlled brake and other protection technology.It not only has the feature of tracking best tip speed ratio and higher start-up and accelerate performance when the wind speed is lower than rated value, but also ensure the most steady output power and most safety performance when the wind speed is over than rated value. The general output power can be 30% more than that of normal yawing wind turbine. On the other side, the safety running state is much more better than that of yawing wind turbine because of the cooperation with ASP system. This series are thought to be the best choice for both safety and high output performance among all the same size turbines in nowadays market.


2. Working wind speed range is wide.

With wind speed of 3-30m/s (almost all common land wind speeds included), the wind turbine constantly operates without the need for stop protection.

3.2 Smart Auto Safety Protection System

Smart Auto Safety Protection system(ASP) is an independent patent technology, which is a pioneer in the industry. It is mainly composed of wind speed detection equipment, smart control system and brake/brake release mechanical assembly.

① It smartly controls operation and stop status of the generator by detecting such signals as wind speed, system voltage, system current and controller status.

② With wind speed of over 30m/s (adjustable), when voltage or current exceeds the rated value or the controller outputs abnormal signals, the smart safety protection system brakes the generator to stop, ensuring safety under abnormal working condition.

③ When working condition meets the operation requirement, the system controls the generator to release brake and restart.

3.3 Maintenance-free in 3 years

1. Long-term protection design in essential parts ensures failure-free operation in a long time. The WTG needs no maintenance in the first 3 years after installation. After 3 years, lubricating grease is added once per year, and the connecting components and the appearance are checked.

2. Double technical measures ensures safe and stable operation.

Pitch-controlled technology and smart safety protection system ensure stable operation under gale working condition, avoiding the impact from the generator on WTG and electrical system due to uncontrolled overload operation.

2. AH-10kW adopts three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator with low resistance distance, high efficiency and over-current protection design.The generator developed by ANE is characterized by small starting resistance distance, 1.5 times overload continuous operation capacity, and maintenance free operation for more than 50000 hours. After reaching the rated value, the output current will not continue to increase with the increase of speed. Even if the generator is over speed or short circuit, it will not be over current.


4. AH-10kw adopts blades with high efficiency, low noise and suitable for variable pitch wind turbine

4.1 Strict static load test for the blade

 4.2 High standard tensile compression test for the blade sample

5. Test Report and certificate

AH-10kW Performance Report from Intertek


                                                              ClassNK certificate                                                                     ClassNK certificate


6.Project Case 

On-grid System in Park in Dongying City

Micro-grid Project for HT-SAAE

Smart Micro-grid Project in Fuzhou, Jiangxi

Micro -grid Project for Beijing Jingyi Renewable Energy

On-grid System in U.S.

On-grid System in Denmark

On-grid System in Germany

On-grid System in Japan

Micro-grid project in Antarctica

The worldwide only wind turbine installed in Antarctica

Part  II

Recommend system solution and quotation

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